Discussion in 'Google' started by Derek Johnson, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Whats up with youtube lately???? I mean I was tring to find Naruto Shippuden and every link was "removed due of terms of use violation". Whats going on?!?!?
  2. LOGAN H Guest

    That's whats happening to me lately if it says removed due then they had it on for a looooooooo 12 hours later... oooooong time! if it says removed of copyright its copyright!
  3. Aggy Guest

    It sounds like the upload violated their policy and was deleted
  4. KURTANGLE Guest

    yea it happens.....

    read the terms of use
  5. gmonte33 Guest

    YouTube is going straight down the tubes. Several of my favorites have been removed due to "copyright infringement". I just went to look at Debra Wilson playing Oprah in a Mad TV skit with a few of the guys from "Jackass" - Gone! As soon as all the material of any interest is gone then YouTube will be finished. Much of this stuff is old movies, clips of TV shows, old videos, etc. that I don't see the copyright owners making much money off of. I don't know about you but I don't have any interest in watching videos of 10-year-olds jumping up and down on their beds while lip-syncing a Miley Cyrus song. So long YouTube! It was nice knowin' ya.

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