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Discussion in 'Google' started by Roe, May 9, 2008.

  1. Roe Guest

    Hey , on the new last night it said people have been doing bad stuff on youtube (10/4/07) ... today (11/4/07) i went onto youtube and its not working .. is it just my laptop or have they banned it .. could someone please find out .. thanks !
    oh .. its working now , but still if your having probs tell me .. i think sometimes like one person has said , they were just updating it .
    ok , you can get onto the home page of youtube but now i cant watch anything !!! .. more updates on whats happening later x
    well,,, its is now working , im sure it was just updating ! now we'll all no for next time !
  2. jeanne124ave Guest

    the same thing is happening to me right now. i'm waiting for a while since the creators might be updating it. Try checking your disk, it might be full and out of space (youtube holds a lot of space). Restart your computer then re-enter the site. Check your internet connection, it might be unplugged!

    well, that's all i can think for now...if they don't patient like me ok?

    P.S i've just checked my com and its working yay! be patient and urs might work too.
  3. Charmed Guest

    good luck!!!!
  4. thank god I'm not the only one having trouble getting to youtube ( i thought it was my computer ) I've try'ed every way I can think of to get on the site (back doors , other websites with youtube on it) and nothing works !
  5. Nickcoolis Guest

    I have the same problem yesterday I used it but today when I try to get in it says not found :S
  6. I don't think so cause YouTube is working perfectly fine for me right now. But maybe you got on while they were updating or making changes.

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